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Mediation can help you achieve effective, equitable, efficient outcomes which may not be possible with a trial. Family law cases (e.g., a divorce, a child custody dispute) and civil litigation (e.g., a car wreck) are often helped by the mediation process.

Unlike a trial, a mediation allows the parties to reach agreements on their own. It's often quicker and less expensive than a trial, and requiring the parties to agree can allow each side to believe that the outcome was fair. 

Often, even after a lawsuit ends, especially lawsuits involving a family matter, the parties will need to continue their contact and cooperation. The mediation process can encourage each party to come to a mutually agreeable outcome rather than the adversarial approach that a trial may take.

Finally, mediations are confidential while trials are public record. Many people prefer the confidentiality of mediation.

Mediation Fees

Fees are due before mediation begins:

  • Half-day mediation (9am to 1pm, or 1pm to 5pm): $250 per side;
  • Full-day mediation (9am to 5pm, with a break for lunch): $500 per side.